Kartra Export Landing Pafe – Our Kartra In Depth Review


If you’ve ever had trouble in establishing customer flows, email marketing or creating an amazing website, Kartra might help. Kartra Export Landing Pafe

Kartra is an automated marketing software developed by Genesis digital focused on enhancing your business’s marketing strategies.

Then follow the instructions to read this Kartra review!

You should consider using Kartra if:

  • You are struggling with web design
  • Lead management is not your strength
  • You will require a way to make digital products available for sale

But most importantly: If you’re looking for all of them all in one place.

The main USP that is Kartra is it’s a master of all trades to create an effective sales funnel. It has been recommended by people like Frank Kern.

Kartra can assist you with:

  • Video hosting
  • Map of sales funnels
  • Areas of membership
  • Automation of marketing and email marketing
  • Cart of shopping
  • Management of affiliates
  • And more

What do you think of the Kartra pricing? While not cheap, there are numerous things this tool does right.

Check out the article to determine if it’s suited for your company.

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Kartra Pricing

Kartra Price

Kartra isn’t the most expensive tool in the shed.

For just $1, you can have 14 days of trial.

If you choose to make use of the program for a longer time, you can spend anywhere between $99 and 699 dollars per month.

The cost is justified by the fact that it is able to replace a variety of automated tools.


While Kartra can do a lot for your company however, it’s not able to do everything , nor will it have the tools that focus on a single process.

All For 1$

This is a fascinating take on”free trial “free” trial.

You can avail any of the plans for 14 days for 1$1.

While it does (technically) need you to pay the company in advance but it’s not a huge amount to use the software and to decide if you like it or not.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan allows you to start off with a maximum of 2500 leads with 50GB of bandwidth as well as 15000 emails per month.

If you do the math that means you’re able to send out 6 emails to all your prospects (as long as you reach the limit of subscribers).

Kartra is a good choice for small online businesses that appreciate the features of Kartra beneficial.

Given the price of 99$ is reasonable for a complete software.


The Silver plan jumps up to $149 per month.

What can you expect? 12,500 leads 12,5000 emails, 125 GB of bandwidth and two additional domains.

The only reason to update is when you are happy with the software and you’ve got significant growth in potential clients.

Or if you have several websites, you’ll need landing pages or members area for each of them.

Beyond that, there’s no real reason to invest in upgrading.

Gold, Platinum And Diamond

The next levels are $399, $499 and $699 each.

They don’t really provide the added value of the features.

You can make full use of Kartra using each Diamond and Starter, which is great for small-sized businesses who could not afford to invest $700 a month on marketing automation.

The choice for upgrading or delaying is as easy.

Do you have 100,000 leads and 10 websites? If yes, then go for Diamond.

If you need, even more, you can upgrade to an Enterprise plan, and then discuss the price with developers.

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Kartra Features

Kartra is home to a large number of them.

From a page builder to analytics and business automation to sales funnel builders and shopping carts, to video hosting, to affiliate area and membership management, there’s a lot you can accomplish with this complete business marketing tool.

Kartra Page Builder Review


The Page Builder is in line with some of the biggest names in the scene of web page builders.

WixWeebly and SquareSpace are certainly better in some areas.

However, with a few adjustments, Kartra could give them the competition using the page builder on its own.

The tool offers a wide range of features, ranging including site management, SEO and CSS playgrounds.

First thing that you’ll notice is a brief tutorial that walks you through each section.

It’s well-made and it really assists you in hitting the ground running as it will teach you the fundamentals of building your website.

If you didn’t then you can always refer to their page builder guide.


The Sites tab lets you assign the webpage you’re creating sites.

This ties back into Kartra Sites as a functionality of the software.

While not suitable to run an entire blog or business (both due to hosting limitations and constraints in design), Kartra can help you create a membership website.

This is great if you have limited web design knowledge and have managed to make it work with WordPress however, you’re still not sure of how to design a member’s section.


This Settings tab allows you to modify SEO parameters or things such as tracking codes.

There aren’t many options to choose from for advanced SEO modifications (nothing like the features Yoast offers).

But, as Kartra is mostly used for campaigns, it’s likely that you already have other options to send traffic to the page (ads and referrals, among others).

It’s very easy to set up tracking codes, so you don’t need to rely on in-house analytics.

You can also tie your page to third-party tools like Facebook’s pixel. Facebook pixel.

In the end, redirecting pages is something that people rarely consider when they are creating a campaign and yet it may become important in the long-run.

For instance, if, for example, you create a landing page to increase the number of email subscribers, you’re going to deliver traffic to it via podcasts, blog posts and even eBooks.

If you switch domains, instead of reformatting every places you have a link to your landing page, you can simply set up an easy redirect.

If this made your webmaster’s sensations racing, find out more about the best SEO-related tools.


The Styles tab is where things begin to slow down in comparison to other visual editors.

Yes, you are able to edit the default font, background color, page width and you have access to for the CSS code.

It’s not perfect, but it’s thin.

Other tools like Wix and Elementor let you modify background designs, which can help your website stand out.

A wider range of fonts, and the option to edit hovers could’ve helped as well.

Sections And Components

Now , let’s get to the actual page construction elements and blocks.

In these tabs, you can access:

  • Pre-made blocks (like About Us sections or Forms)
  • The elements within those blocks (like buttons or images in format)

It’s a breeze to build a site. Click on the item you’d like to add, drag it on-page and drop it where you want it displayed.

I was impressed by the range of blocks available – after reviewing over 20 web builders, Kartra would rank in my top three most thorough editors in terms of block selection.

Additionally, all are designed for marketing online featuring all the bright colors and blocks you’ll need to guide your visitors through a funnel.

Pop-Ups And Notifications

This is where you’ll be able to create pop-ups and notification bars.

You get templates for each including exit and landing pop-ups.

It will definitely help in ensuring GDPR compliance as well as improving your conversion rate.

A trap you can fall into is overdoing the alarms.

It’s so easy to create notifications that you might get too enticed by it.

Do not worry, in the event that you set expiry dates and decent sizes for every notification, you’ll never cause any inconvenience to your people.

The interface could’ve been simplified by putting the two sections together in one tab. But when you’re used to the interface it shouldn’t be a huge issue.


The Preview tab lets you get an overview of your website across various platforms.

It’s wonderful that you are able to continue editing regardless of the preview you’re using.

On the other hand there are some elements that aren’t displayed on mobile devices.

Visual editors usually permit this, as you may end up with resource-heavy sections or images with poor formatting that are only suitable for desktop visitors.

With Kartra the elements appear to be optimized (and they resize automatically) therefore it shouldn’t be an issue However, you’ll never know.

Column And Components

These tabs let you modify two layers of your site.

As default, the user is in the components view.

When you click on”columns” on the tab menu, you will be able to alter the structure of your site in order to include, modify or remove columns.

This is an excellent way to arrange a resource-packed page, like an e-book.

It’s also very useful for blog posts that act as lead magnets, such as this one:

It’s not possible to create a blog using Kartra However, you are able to manage Kartra webpages within the WordPress website.

Main Menu

The main menu allows you to access a couple of backend options.

  • Preview your current design in a new tab.
  • Keep track of progress to save your progress in the event that you’re scared of imminent Internet crashes.
  • Save page as templatein case you want to risk making a change.
  • Live publish. It’s pretty obvious.
  • Go back to your dashboard that will shut down the page builder. So make sure you save beforehand.

Finally, there are edits on the page.

In general, you can modify the style of the component.

This is basically borders and width, however you can also apply effects like flipping or fade.

The downside of features overall is that they compromise customizability for user-friendliness.

It can be difficult to reorganize premade blocks. If you are able to accomplish it, it could result in some issues with mobile optimization.

If you need a quick landing page and are not very proficient with WordPress is a wise choice.

If you don’t really care about how it looks.

If you’ve got a solid design that is a major part of your branding, like a cool background theme or an unconventional head-line, Kartra won’t help all that much. Kartra Export Landing Pafe

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Lead Management Review


When it comes to Lead Management, Kartra falls behind a fully-fledged CRM.

It does however do quite well in a couple of areas and may be enough to fill your sales funnel.

It’s not difficult to create an entirely new list. All you need to do is simply need to:

  • Upload an .csv (or text) file
  • Make clear the field’s meaning to (if it’s unclear from the document)

For those who don’t own this, you can copy and paste leads into the text box.

Once you have everything set-up You can then use your Kartra list to organize everything and add them to an existing campaign as well as sending an email to your subscribers and anything else you may do that targets visitors.

However, the questionnaire for data protection that you need to fill if you upload the leads is complicated, particularly if it’s the first time you’ve done it.

To make it worse Kartra must review the leads added manually.

Yes, it’s great that they’re focused on protecting data, but for most law-abiding online enterprises it’s just an extra burden that could’ve been prevented.

Shopping Cart, Video Hosting & Membership Area Review

One of the major benefits for Kartra is their Product feature.

It’s simple to establish an account.

Make sure you know if your product or membership requires an ongoing payment, or not and you’re good to go.

Thanks pages as well as payment systems can be designated as “solve later” so you can focus on the easiest things to begin with.

You can use Kartra as a way to gauge sales, or go further and host the page of the product directly on Kartra its own (with the domain restrictions that follow).

If you have set up the product using this software, you can also mark cart abandonment, speeding the process of remarketing. You could provide a new product to these people as well as remind them complete their shopping cart, for instance.

It is also possible to offer digital products.

Whether it’s a download link or a member area Kartra is a great tool to promote your digital goods.

They can even can host your videos if you want them to.

This is especially beneficial for membership websites, as they’re more difficult to setup traditional.

On the other hand, Kartra’s benefits Kartra products are just right for newcomers.

If you’re hosting with a decent quality and a good understanding of WordPress You can host the download link as easily on your platform.

You won’t gain any gain from spending the extra $99 each month.


Sales Funnel Integrations

Kartra and third-party software don’t get along very well , since the program is marketed as an all-in-one solution.

Whatever the fact that integrations exist are savvy.

You can integrate with some big names like PayPal or Zapier.

If you’re not acquainted with Zapier, look up their collab documentation.

It’s easy to set up and you can access instructions via the hub for integrations.

For example, you can make a scheduling form available on your page that will then automatically update with your Google Calendar.

Moreover, you get plenty of support for any API you might want to utilize.

On the flip-side it’s not an overwhelming range of third-party software that is supported, and that can be crippling for your company.

It’s not as good as most of their competitors at least.

While a downside, in principle, you don’t really need more than what’s displayed.

The likes of the Mailchimp or form builders are the norm, but Kartra has an internal equivalent for these tools.

Additionally, if you evaluate it in the context of other marketing automation software like the Hubspot CRM, it is a better choice in terms of integrations.

You’ve got your personal email marketing, automation and lead management tool There’s no reason to integrate with CRMs or email marketing software.

You don’t have a payment processing system and could not be able to access certain trigger-action workflows, which is why you should use Paypal, Authorize.net, and Zapier to handle it.

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Kartra Analytics Review

Kartra analytics isn’t bad in itself It’s just that it doesn’t do significantly.

Okay, sure it can help you monitor the number of sales you make for your online business.

You can calculate your revenue by calculating the subscriber’s value and everything is clearly laid out (for the vast majority of).

The issue is that it’s impossible to do a lot of work with the data.

For example, as much as I played around with the tool, I didn’t find a way to analyze the places where people leave in a funnel.

There’s not much segmentation that’s possible.

The system is confusing.

For instance Under “My Communications” the tab for sequences is both under analytics and under communications.

Yes, you can be able to get over it.

What’s truly confusing is the fact that there’s not a central area to collect data.

There are “analytics” spread out among different tabs, which can make it difficult to find the information you require.

Alternatives? Google Analytics can help.

If the page is Kartra pages, you’ll be able to add the tag to your source code.

Other than that, you’re stuck with their system


Kartra Templates Review



They are impressive.

When we talk about individual page sections, complete pages or their done-for-you campaigns, you get a lot in free template.

You can also make your own.

You can use layouts to:

  • Video Sales pages
  • Thank You pages
  • Long Sale pages
  • 404
  • Legal Documents
  • Content videos

Again, you can witness the efforts they put in making your business easier.

On the other hand, there’s not a lot of visual variety within the templates.

Beyond changing the colors You must also put some thought into aligning the design with your brand.


Kartra Automations

Start the sequences. Set it up (the initial tutorial is exhaustive).

And you’ve got a funnel, automated rule or SMS trigger.

Everything’s got a trigger and an action that follows, and everything is easily explained.

It’s also very easy to create pop-ups and thank-you pages, and forms for responses.

But Kartra’s only good in terms of automatizing communication.

If you’re trying to populate excels after customer behaviors reduce churn, or even sell a backup offer, you’ll still use other tools.

Yes, you can integrate with Zapier.

And they have an online hub for it.

However, it is still a feeling that the automation hub could work with more triggers and actions.


Kartra Interface And Ease Of Use

The biggest benefit that comes with Kartra is its ease of use.

You can really tell that the developers were trying to assist people that aren’t that tech-savvy.

Even if we’re talking about experienced webmasters but it’s still a good idea to simplify the process because you save time.

The majority of accessibility comes from the initial walkthroughs.

The tool comes with a short video tutorial that walks you through what you can do with the tool as well as some layout details.

Once you’re prepared to get more in-depth then you can review their first steps checklist.

It covers every Kartra function and really helps to reduce the learning curve.

The program provides a step-by-step guide into every feature.

Furthermore, once you begin using any of the tools (lists, sequences and helpdesks), the whole process is easy to understand and comes with a lot of done-for-you campaigns.

You can also access the Kartraverse for a similar experience, which is their own “Academy” featuring a huge collection of videos.

Beyond the flashy names, Kartranaut training is built to aid you in understanding the software.

It’s more thorough each feature, and it’s an important help in mastering the program.

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Kartra Backend Ease Of Use

On the backend side, there could be some improvement.

In other words, you cannot access the whole source code of the page that you’re creating which is a shame for a sophisticated business platform.

It’s just the CSS in some cases with limited access JS as well as HTML.

To be fair, you can insert codes, but it’s not as effective.

If you go into details there is no way to perform complex shipping integrations like uploading XML files.

However, it’s not all bad.

You get a lot of help with regards to support.

My Helpdesks is a function of Kartra that allows you to manage customer complaints and tickets.

It’s easy to set one up and you’re alerted to any issues when you access the dashboard.


Kartra Front End Customer Ease Of Use

The final result your customer receives to interact with is definitely one of the better things in Kartra.

It’s also easy to setup.

If you’re planning to start your campaign from scratch it’s similar to that of Google Ads workflow.

Simply upload the media, then use the pre-made templates and settle who to target with it.

Then there’s the added benefit of how easy it is to design pages.


Kartra Review Conclusion Kartra Export Landing Pafe

What Kartra can offer is a great addition for an online company that already makes a bit of money and wants an all-in-one marketing system.

This is also recommended for those that want to go online, make a profit and don’t need to deal with digital marketing that much.

That’s why marketers with large viewers such as Frank Kern are pushing it so heavily.

Regardless of your position regardless of your position, it’s great if don’t have a team of marketers, copywriters, and graphic designers to assist you build your online presence.

It eases your workflow in a lot of ways.

Overall Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • A large portion of premade resources
  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • No headaches videos hosting

Overall Cons

  • A little bit of customization in some areas
  • Most things can be accomplished with cheaper/free software

Kartra can be a godsend for some online businesses, but it’s not recommended when you have the capacity to do lead management, create funnels or build websites on your own. Kartra Export Landing Pafe

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