Kartra Quizzes – Best All in One Platform?

If you’re considering starting your own online business, then you may have heard about all-inclusive marketing software. Kartra Quizzes

Fully integrated software lets you to create, market, and establish your online business by using a single platform.

While Kartra is among the most popular platforms available for this, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best option on the market.

In this thorough and honest review, we’ll cover Kartra’s features, pricing, and more to help you determine if the platform is right for your needs and your business.


Kartra Video Review


What is Kartra?

Kartra is a fully integrated platform, whichmeans that every component of the software functions together to ensure your business is operating efficiently.

It was created in the year 2018 by Genesis Digital, the same team behind WebinarJam..

Kartra offers everything you require to start an online business — from email marketing to webinars cart checkout capabilities and many other tools that are usefulthat work seamlessly with the other.

For instance when a person fills out a Kartra registration form for example, Kartra Mail is able to automatically add that individual to your mailing list.

One of Kartra’s major advantages is that the platform has been designed for novices to the online world of business and experienced tech users as well..

Another advantage of Kartra is the fact that the platform is completely cloud-based.

That means you don’t need to worry about losing valuable company information -It’s always safe. your data is always secure stored in cloud storage!

Once you’ve downloaded Kartra, that’s it -there’s no need to download anything else, and you’ll always have the most up-to-date version of the platform.

Additionally, Kartra offers pre-made, high-converting sales funnels to help you save time, money, and effort.

As of now, Kartra does sound pretty great, isn’t it?

Let’s go through some of Kartra’s main features to know more about what it can offer its users. Kartra Quizzes

What is Kartra used for?

Kartra Quizzes

Although it’s simple for users, Kartra isn’t suitable for all users..

If you have a stable setup that’s been working for your company, then introducing Kartra to your sales process may be more of an expense than an improvement.

You know what they say — if it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

Kartra is a platform for entrepreneurs who do not have the budget or time to hire teams of developers to develop a profitable online business.

It’s for people who want be able to invest less time resolving software issues, and to spend more time on what matters — making sales.

Kartra is also a good choice for those seeking an alternative to the other major-name marketing platforms like Clickfunnels and Leadpages.

In the end, even though Leadpages is the leading building a landing page on the market however, it’s expensive for the value it offers. Kartra Quizzes

Let’s have a closer look at the many features of Kartra.

What are the features Kartra provide?

Kartra Features

There are far too many functions to discuss in a single review.

We’ll look at the most notable features to give you an overview of the platform.

Does Kartra offer everything you need for running an online business?

It’s not quite there, but it’s pretty close. Let’s get started.

Page builder

Kartra Quizzes

Let’s discuss the core of Kartra -it’s the page builder. Kartra offers a visual representation of what you get, kind that editor. Kartra Quizzes

For those with no tech knowledge, Kartra provides over 100 templates that are pre-designed for nearly every kind of web page.

These are classic blogs, home pages, sales pages, thank you pages to name several — you can import them easily with just one click of a button!

The templates are attractive and come in a range of styles, ranging from old-school to modern.

Using the builder

To modify a template, simply choose the template you want to edit and then load it into the page builder.

Making direct changes to a template is simple— this includes editing text, altering images, as well as changing the overall look of the design.

You also have the option of incorporating new elements using the blocks provided.

However, despite the ease of making use of the tool it’s quite rigid and lengthy. Even simple actions can end up taking longer than they need to.

To adjust, for instance, the size of a column you need to first switch to column mode. Then, click to adjust the column widths. You can then edit them manually. the widths manually.

In the ideal scenario, it would be a simple matter of clicking and dragging.

If you’d like to place photos on the page, you are able to pick from the current collection of images or may upload a new one.

Kartra also provides a valuable sales copy sample on all pages in the process of creating your landing pages.

Instead of offering icons as well as basic Lorem Ipsum text, Kartra offers detailed sales pages created by Frank Kern himself.

This copy doesn’t just reveal the strategies Frank has written before, also he lets us know why he wrote what he did to help you become a better copywriter. Kartra Quizzes

If you’d like to include an animated pop-up to your site, you can opt for the popup function provided by Kartra instead of searching for an add-on popup application.

The integrated functionality is what gives the editor an edge, however, it’s not enough due to the limited design capabilities.

The page builder from Kartra stands out compared to many other alternatives available but there are some features that could be added to enhance the functionality.

For instance, when browsing on mobile devices, sometimes pages made by Kartra look a little off and the alignment may appear odd.

While the editor does the basics well and would be suitable for newbies in marketing, it doesn’t compare with more fluid, smoother page builders.

It could also benefit from being slimmer, too.

Split testing

Kartra Split Testing

Testing landing pages with split tests is the fashion right now and Kartra comes with a powerful split testing feature which allows you to have flexibility in the way you test. Kartra Quizzes

The feature allows you to create two different versions of a web page. Both will be randomly displayed to the browsers.

The page that has the most popular and is then the page to be used following that.

You want to edit the copy of the page?


Are you able to delete the video?

Get going.

Are you looking to completely scrap the entire design of a page and create two completely different pages?

Why not?

Flexibility is a huge benefit compared to many other landing page builders which only permit users to test small features at the same time.


Products and Carts

The reason you should invest in Kartra is that it can help you to sell your product you’ve got, isn’t it?

We’ll now move on to another important aspect to the program — the products and carts feature.

To help you sell your services or products effectively, Kartra has a built-in shopping cart feature.

When you add a service to the platform, you’ll get two choices.

One is to create the primary product, while the second is to either upsell or downsell the product. Kartra Quizzes

Your product can be featured depending on the choices you select.

The easy interface makes it appear easier than even dedicated shopping carts.

These steps will enable you to establish everything comprising PayPal or credit card payment, payment methodsby Paypal or credit card, price of the product, trial structures, checkout, thank you pages, cart abandonment regulations, and a whole number of other.

There are many ways to combine these features , which allows you to design in-depth and intricate offers, if you desire.

If it’s an online course that you’re selling can also integrate your product through the Kartra membership option to make the process go smoothly for your clients.

Affiliate Portal

Given that Kartra’s shopping cart is part of a larger system, this feature is quite impressive.

When you include the Affiliate portal , it gets higher!

For each product you design, you can integrate the affiliate portal , allowing your customers to become your promoters.

Potential affiliates may be screened and selected using a questionnaire and obligatory terms and conditions.

Affiliates will be given custom URLsthat give you the opportunity to offer a percentage or fixed rate off the sale each time the code is utilized.

You may also look at the data of your affiliate including the number of referrals that they get and the history of payouts. Kartra Quizzes

You’ll also have access to data that provides you with the complete picture of everythingfrom visits, sales, refunds, cancellations, revenue, and customer value.

While many shopping carts may be a pain to use but there’s nothing in Kartra’s version to improve when it comes to ease of use and features.

Aside from the extremely advanced features that some special shopping carts have You can get everything you need to promote products and services with Kartra’s cart feature.

Email Marketing

To gain those potential leads an efficient email-marketing strategy is advised.

That’s where Kartra comes in to help with their email broadcasts, automation and tagging, sequences and more.

This component of the platform is designed to replace the big name email marketing companies like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and ConvertKit.

And as you can imagine that’s no easy feat.

So what is Kartra’s email marketing module work?

For the beginning, you can create an email list by manually adding leadsor through importing leads from CSV files. CSV file.

This is useful if you’re moving to a different email marketing platform like one of the listed above.


Kartra’s broadcast feature allows you to send out emails.

It is also possible to send your messages via SMS if it’s appropriate for your organization.


Kartra Automation


Kartra also features an automation workflow builder. It is also known as the Sequence Builder.

If you’ve tried other marketing tools for email, such as ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign, you’ll see that it’s like the automation builders featured on these platforms.

However, Kartra’s automated feature could use some improvement when it comes to other dedicated marketing software.

The feature is quite cumbersome to make use of because adding elements or moving items around can cause the editor to freeze up.

As you are aware, this can become quite annoying.

If you are able to get past the lag, Kartra offers a useful email marketing solution that incorporates several of the features offered by other email marketing software.

It’s not as powerful as top-name email marketing solutions like those listed previously, but for an integrated marketing system, it performs effectively enough..


Another advantage of Kartra’s email marketing module is it’s assistance in implementing GDPR. In May 2018 , GDPR was applied and if your company has customers in Europe, or the EU region, you must adhere to these laws and regulations.

However, with the help Kartra Kartra, GDPR compliance is quick and simple.

marketing campaigns

Another major feature that is a key feature Kartra is the ability to design effective marketing campaigns. Kartra Quizzes

There is the option of creating your own campaign from scratch if you have the technical knowledge or you can go for one of Kartra’s handy templates for campaign creation.

If you’re creating your campaign from scratch the process will require all of the media you’ve designed in the platform.

If you’re using a pre-made campaign,, Kartra will sort this everything out for you.

There are currently five campaigns to choose from each of which addresses one specific issue in marketing.

For instance, the basic list builder campaign focuses on expanding your email list in order to aid in building leads.

The cash machine promotion of four days On the other hand will help you close sales by using an already-established mailing list.

For more information about each campaign, click on the campaign and you’ll be presented with a walkthrough video of that campaign and its goals.

If you decide to import the campaign the campaign will be added to your Kartra account complete with email sequences, sales funnels for products, sales funnels, advanced automation, and other components.

Once you’ve deployed the campaign, you’ll be able to look through your account to find the relevant assets, then make any edits required.

For example, you can modify the pages in an advertising campaign to better suit your offerings and your business. Kartra Quizzes

Kartra Marketplace

Kartra Quizzes

In addition, you can share the campaigns you’ve designed together with fellow Kartra users, and reverse the process in the Kartra marketplace.

Here you can find interesting campaigns that could suit your business well However, expect to pay a cost.

It could be an great way to discover fresh and new ways to allow your businessto advance.

If you’re able to master the art of creating marketing campaigns it’s also a fantastic method to earn extra money.

In order to sell a marketing strategy First, you have to plan a campaign and then add all the resources pertinent to it.

For instance, you could charge about $250 for sharing the campaign’s resources with other users (the pages that you have created, the lists, and the automation) so that they could implement them , and cut down to create their own.

You can also offer extra services that include re-adapting the style of your campaign for different users, or running their Kartra software for them to pay a monthly payment. Kartra Quizzes

Opt-in Forms

You can also create forms to get leads directly from Kartra when you’re completely new to marketing via email or haven’t got any leads.

The form builder uses the same interface as the rest of the platform, making it simple to operate and to browse.

Like other Software, Kartra makes things easy for novice marketers by offering templates that can be customized to suit their specific forms.

Once you’ve selected and edited those templates then you’re ready to start capturing leads.

There are numerous options to modify your forms. This includes single and double opt-in options, a welcome message, tagging and automation, different forms’ behaviors, and a lot of template designs.

The form editor is not like the page builder however, the form editor only allows for simple adjustments to templates.

Let’s review the different types of opt-in form you can use, as the features and functions of these forms are different. Kartra Quizzes

Smart Opt-in Forms

Kartra has users everywhere and in all fields. Because of this, Kartra can semi-share cookie data for opt-in emails.

This implies that if the user chooses to use another Kartra user’s registration and is able to access yours in a different way and fills in their details, it will be loaded into.

All the user needs be able to click the “sign-up” button.

This will help you gain more leads as it removes an action from the sign-up process.

And , as we all know, people can be extremely fast-paced!

Embedding Forms

Do you already have an WordPress website?

Don’t worry.

When you create a form using Kartra it will provide you with a code that you can include on your blog, or on other sites online.

If you use the code to display the form, it will appear like normal.

It’s not necessary to modify the the code on your WordPress website or page, it’ll automatically update it for you.

Changes are to be synchronized between Your WordPress blog , and Kartra at all times.

One issue with Kartra’s email opt-in form is the fact that they can’t easily split test form design, which is something you can do by using other tools for email marketing.

Overall, Kartra’s opt-in form email forms do a great job of designing high-converting landing pages to bring in leads.

While it’s not equipped with the most sophisticated functions, it is able to do its job. Kartra Quizzes

Video Hosting

Kartra Video

Unique video content helps drive sales. It’s capable of selling and engaging with viewers more than any other kind of content.

The major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more inclined to videos over texts and images.

When we think of video hosting services the names such as YouTube and Vimeo usually come into our minds.

Did you know that Kartra also provides an online video hosting platform?

With Kartra You can add your promotional footage or product videosstraight to Kartra and embed them on various pages.

They include WordPress blogs along with membership portals, as well as other websites that are landing.

Kartra’s platform for video hosting has several unique features, such as their call to action (CTA) displays during the video playing.

It is possible to create opt-in-in-videos, sales page videos, or offer videos.

The problem is that Kartra’s service for video hosting doesn’t seem the most remarkable and when you can use other hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo, it can seem to be a little unnecessary.

Uploading videos can be a bit of trouble, so to avoid buffering issues you need to compress your footage. Kartra Quizzes

Kartra Memberships

Kartra also provides a memberships feature that is perfect for entrepreneurs selling courses or publishing premium content, or offering group coaching.

It makes the customers feel special and makes learning more thrilling.

Unfortunately, some engagement features are missingthat other products have as part of their membership schemes.

For example, with Kartra memberships you can’t see how far your students are progressing within this course.

Kartra only gives you an eye icon that indicates that a student has viewed the lesson.

There are many themes to choose from for membership sites Each one has a similar structure, and customization of the layout is very limited.

However, Kartra does offer a large portion of what you require to manage successful memberships for your company. Kartra Quizzes

Kartra’s Helpdesk

The more successful your company is the more difficult it is to handle your requests and questions through your email inbox.

That’s where Kartra helpdesk steps in to bring relief.

Kartra helpdesk allows users to set up an online ticketing systemwhenever users or customers have questions regarding your products or your business.

This system for managing emails assists in answering questions.

Customers are provided with different options for contact (ticket, Live chat, Skype, or telephone call) along with tickets are tracked based on their status (opened, awaiting, or closed).

Customers are also able to review their experience with assistance to ensure that you and your customer service team can tell whether you’re doing a decent service or not!

With Kartra analytics you can also track how long (on an average) it takes to get back with a client’s question or to respond to a request.

If you get helpdesk requests, you can easily add the person to your mailing list and include specific tags so you can see that they’ve been added to Your helpdesk systems.

You may also notice a pattern of frequently asked questions..

This can be used to inspire blog content or an FAQ pageso you can help reduce your email load.

For live chat support there’s not a mobile app to use it. This means you’ll need the computer running to assist customers.

Kartra has, however, said that they are working on this issue..

As a component of an all-in one marketing platform we give it our thumbs up. Kartra Quizzes


What Help Does Kartra Provide?

It can be daunting to learn a new method to build your business.

Fortunately, Kartra provides various types of support to help you get started.


In terms of assistance with onboarding, Kartra lets you know precisely where you stand on your journey to understand Kartra and the features it offers, as well as what you can expect next.

After you’ve signed up and sign up, you’ll receive a number of emails in the course in your welcome.

You’ll get an email that contains a link to the login page, which will contain your login details, and the moment you sign in to your user account the account will prompt you to watch a welcome film.

This footage will explain some of the major aspects of Kartra and the next actions you need to take during your journey.

The video will provide enough information without proving too excessive.

There will be a sidebar checklist to help you become familiar with Kartra.

Overall the onboarding process is pretty solid and simple It should leave you feeling assured when you take the next step. Kartra Quizzes

Facebook group

There’s also a private Kartra group on Facebook. Facebook group which is available to join immediately regardless of the cost of the 14-day trial period.

Joining the Facebook group gives you the chance to meet and talk to others Kartra users and marketing professionals, and the engagement is fantastic.

The group is monitored too, so you won’t be faced with a plethora of annoying messages or unwelcome promotions.

Concierge service

If you’re interested in using Kartra however it’s very complicated, there’s a concierge service you could use.

It’s a subscription-based service provided through Kartra and it’s crucial to know that it’s not included in any of their plans.

For just $150 Kartra’s concierge staff will setup everything in your account.

This includes product pages, thank-you pages, squeeze pages, email sequences, tagging, and automation.

It’s a good option for those who simply don’t have the time to spend setting everything for the first time.


Kartra’s Price

Kartra Pricing

At this point, you may be thinking about how much Kartra will cost you..

Kartra offers the variety of monthly subscription options The packages all provide the same access to Kartra’s wide range of features, tools and advantages.

The right package for your needs will depend in the amount of company as well as the number of leads and custom domains you’ll need.

If you’d like to try Kartra, you can trial Kartra for just $1 in 14 days for you to test the software to see if it works for you before going through with one of their plans.

Below are the various packages, their cost and what they contain.

Kartra Starter plan

The title suggests, the Kartra Starter is ideal for those starting an online venture or for smaller businesses with an email list under two hundred people.

The price is costing $99 per month and benefits included in the plan include:

  • Up to 2,500 contacts
  • 15,000 emails per month
  • Host 100 pages
  • Sell 20 products
  • Connect 1 Helpdesk
  • 1 custom domain
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Host 50 videos
  • 2 sites for membership



Kartra Silver plan

The Kartra Silver package costs $199/monthand will be their most popular plan.

Benefits of this package include:

  • More than 12,500 potential contacts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 3 custom domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Sites with unlimited membership



Kartra Gold plan

If you have a bigger email list, then you could think about purchasing the Kartra Gold package.

This plan is $299.99 per monthfor:

  • Up to 25,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 5 custom domains
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited video
  • Unlimited membership sites



Kartra Platinum plan

Did you have a newsletter list for 50,000?

If so, the Kartra plan could be ideal for you and your business.

The plan you choose will cost $499 per month.

The benefits of this package are:

  • Up to 50,000 contacts
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited helpdesks
  • 10 domains that you can customize
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited video
  • Sites with unlimited membership



Kartra Enterprise plan

The Kartra Enterprise package is the most comprehensive package available..

The size is so huge that you’ll need to talk to Kartra support to discuss the package perks, email list capacities, and prices.

You can however presume that it’ll include all the benefits from Kartra Diamond. Kartra Diamond package as well as far more email leads.

So, if you need more than 100,000 leads, Kartra Enterprise is the ideal solution for you.

Do you think Kartra an investment worth taking?

It’s a given that if you’re creating an online business, you need a platform for launching and growing it.

Although there are a variety of platforms like WordPress which can be utilized for business on the web however, they’re not created to be a complete solution to run a business. Kartra Quizzes

Many business owners utilize numerous tools and solutions, hoping to help them integrate and integrate, this can end up being time-consuming and difficult.

Kartra is a great tool because it solves the problem of attempting to get everything to work perfectly.

However, as was mentioned in the beginning the Kartra analysis, the software isn’t suitable for everyone..

For example, if have email lists of over fifty thousand individuals, Kartra isn’t for you because these are the maximum number of people who can benefit from Kartra’s Platinum service.

Kartra is not suitable for business owners selling digital products on the internet including eBooks or webinars.. Kartra Quizzes



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