Thrivethemes Vs Kartra – Our Kartra In Depth Review


If you ever struggled in establishing customer flows or email marketing, or even creating an amazing web page for your landing, Kartra might help. Thrivethemes Vs Kartra

Kartra is an automation tool for marketing created by Genesis digital that focuses on optimizing your business’ digital marketing strategies.

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You should think about using Kartra If:

  • You are struggling with web design
  • Lead management is not your forte
  • You will require a way to distribute digital products

But most importantly: If you’re looking to have all of them in one place.

The most significant USP that is Kartra is it’s a jack of all trades for an effective sales funnel. It has been highly recommended by experts like Frank Kern.

Kartra offers help with:

  • Hosting video
  • Map of sales funnels
  • Areas of membership
  • Marketing automation and email marketing
  • Cart of shopping
  • Management of affiliates
  • Plus

What do you think of do you feel about Kartra pricing? While it isn’t cheap it has a lot of things this tool gets right.

Read on to find out whether it’s suitable for your business.

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Kartra Pricing

Kartra Price

Kartra isn’t the most expensive tool in the shed.

For $1 you can get a 14 days trial.

But if you decide to use the tool for a longer time, you can spend anywhere between $99 and 699 dollars per month.

The cost is justified by the fact that it could replace many automated tools.


While Kartra can be a great tool for your company but it can’t be all the things as effectively as tools that are focused solely on one process.

All For 1$

This is a fascinating approach to the “free” test.

You can choose any of the plans for 14 days for just 1$1.

While it does (technically) require you to pay the company in advance, it’s a small sum to make full use of the software and to decide if you like it or not.

Starter Plan

The Starter plan lets you begin your journey with a limit of 2500 leads, 50GB of bandwidth and 15000 email messages every month.

If you do the math, this means you’re able to send out 6 emails to all your leads (as long as you reach the limit of subscribers).

Kartra is a good choice for small-scale online businesses who find the features of Kartra useful.

Given the price of 99$ point, it’s also decent for a complete software.


The Silver plan increases to $149 per month.

What do you get? 12,500 leads, 125000 emails, 125 GB of bandwidth and two additional domains.

The only reason you’d want to update is when you like the program and have significant growth in clients you could be able to attract.

Or if you have several websites, you’ll need members’ areas or landing pages for all of them.

Beyond the fact that there’s no reason to spend the money to upgrade.

Gold, Platinum And Diamond

The next tiers cost $399, $499 and $699 for each.

They do not really offer an added value in terms of features.

You can get the full benefit of Kartra with each Diamond and Starter, which is great for small businesses that could not afford to invest $700 per month on marketing automation.

The option to upgrade or not is as easy.

Do you have 100,000 leads and 10 websites? If yes, then go for Diamond.

If you’re looking for more than that, you can sign up for an Enterprise plan, and then negotiate the price with the developers.

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Kartra Features

Kartra has plenty of them.

From a page creator to business automation and analytics to sales funnel builder & shopping carts, to video hosting, to affiliate area and membership management, there’s plenty you can do using this comprehensive business marketing tool.

Kartra Page Builder Review


The Page Builder is in line with the big names of the world of website builders.

WixWeebly and SquareSpace are certainly better in some areas.

With some modifications, Kartra could give them a run for their money with the page builder alone.

The tool has a lot of functions, including site management, SEO and CSS playgrounds.

One of the first things you’ll see is a quick tutorial walking through each part.

It’s made well and helps you hit the ground running as it covers the basics of creating your own website.

If you didn’t then you can always refer to their page builder guide.


The Sites tab lets you assign the page you’re creating to already existing websites.

This is connected to Kartra Sites as a functionality of the software.

Although it isn’t the best platform for running an entire blog or business (both due to hosting limitations and constraints in design), Kartra can help to publish a complete membership website.

This is a great option if you have limited web design knowledge and have managed to make it work with WordPress however you’re not sure of how to design a member’s section.


This Settings tab lets you edit SEO parameters, or other things like tracking codes.

You don’t have a lot of options for advanced SEO mods (nothing like Yoast). Yoast provides).

But, as Kartra mostly helps with campaigns, it’s likely that you already have other methods to send traffic to the page (ads or referrals, for instance).

It’s really easy to set-up tracking codes, meaning you don’t need to rely on internal analytics.

You can also tie the page with third-party tools such as facebook’s Facebook pixel.

Lastly, page redirect is something people don’t really consider when they are creating a campaign, but it can be important over the long term.

For instance, if, for example, you create a landing page to grow your email list and you’re planning to get traffic from blog posts, podcast interviews or even ebooks.

If you switch domains, instead of reformatting all websites that have a link for your landing page, you can set up an easy redirect.

If this got your webmaster feeling a bit jittery, learn additional about most effective SEO techniques.


The Styles Tab is the place where you start to slow down when compared to other visual editors.

Yes, you can alter the default color of the background, font, page width and you can also access for the CSS code.

It’s not perfect, but it’s thin.

Other tools such as Wix as well as Elementor let you modify the background design, which will make the site stand out.

A greater variety of fonts and the possibility to alter hovers might have helped too.

Sections And Components

The real web page building process elements and blocks.

In these tabs, you have access to:

  • Blocks that are pre-made (like About Us sections or Forms)
  • The elements contained within these blocks (like a button or image format)

Overall, it’s simple to make a website. Simply click on the element you want to be inserted to the page, drag it over and drop it in the place you’d like it to be displayed.

I really liked the variety after analyzing over 20 websites, Kartra would rank in my top 3 most in-depth editors when it comes to blocks.

Additionally, all are made for online marketing, with all the flashy colors and blocks you’ll need to direct visitors through a funnel.

Pop-Ups And Notifications

This is where you can create pop-ups and notification bars.

You get templates for all of them mostly exit and landing pop-ups.

It definitely helps with GDPR compliance and improving the conversion rate.

A trap you can fall into is overdoing it with the alarms.

It’s easy to make notifications that you might be enticed to it.

Don’t worry – so long as you choose deadlines for expiry and reasonable sizes for all notifications, you won’t be a nuisance to people.

The interface could have been made simpler by putting both sections under one tab. However, when you’re used to the UI it won’t be a big problem.


The Preview tab lets you get an idea of how your website across various platforms.

It’s fantastic that you can keep editing no matter the preview you’re using.

On the other hand there are some elements that don’t show up on mobile devices.

Visual editors usually allow this since you could create large sections of resources or poorly formatted images that are only suitable for desktop visitors.

With Kartra, all elements seem to be optimized (and they automatically resize) therefore it shouldn’t be a problem, but you never know.

Column And Components

These tabs let you edit two layers on your website.

By default, you’re in the component view.

When you click on the column tab, you are able to alter the layout of your website by adding, editing, or take out columns.

This is an excellent way to arrange a resource-packed page, like the squeeze.

It’s also very useful for blog posts that function as lead magnets. For instance, this one:

It isn’t possible to run a blog with Kartra However, you are able to create Kartra webpages on the WordPress website.

Main Menu

The main menu lets you access some backend options.

  • Preview your current design in a new tab.
  • Save progress in case you’re scared of imminent computer crashes.
  • Save page as templatein case you want to do a risky modification.
  • Live Publish. This is pretty self-evident.
  • Return to the Dashboard that will shut down the page builder. Therefore, make sure you save beforehand.

Finally, there are edits on the page.

Most of the time, you can alter the design of a component.

This practically means border width and width, but you can also add effects such as flip or fade.

The drawback of features in general is that they sacrifice customization for ease of use.

For example, it’s hard to organize pre-made blocks. When you manage to do it, it could result in some issues with mobile optimization.

If you’re in need of a fast landing page created and you’re not very proficient with WordPress is a wise option.

If you don’t really care about how it looks.

If you’ve got a striking design that’s a key aspect of your brand’s identity or a striking background theme or an unorthodox header, Kartra will not help you all that much. Thrivethemes Vs Kartra

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Lead Management Review


When it comes to Lead Management, Kartra falls in the middle of a full-blown CRM.

But it does a few things very well and it might just suffice for to build your own sales funnel.

It’s not difficult to create an entirely new list. All you need to do is only need to:

  • Upload a .csv (or text) file
  • Make clear what each field is referring to (if you don’t know from the document)

In the event that you do not have that option, you can paste leads and copy them into an empty text box.

Once you’ve got everything in place, you can use your list of Kartra-related items – adding them to a campaign as well as sending an email to your subscribers or anything else you want to create that is targeted at visitors.

However, the privacy questionnaire you must fill out if you upload leads can be cumbersome, especially if it’s your first time.

In addition Kartra has to go through the leads that are added manually.

Yes, it’s fantastic that they’re committed to data protection, but for most legal online businesses, it’s simply an additional hassle that could have been eliminated.

Shopping Cart, Video Hosting & Membership Area Review

One of the biggest pluses that comes with Kartra is their Products feature.

It’s simple to establish a membership.

Choose whether your membership or product requires the use of recurring payments or not, and you’re ready to start.

Thank you pages and payment systems may be designated by “solve later” which means you can concentrate on the easiest things at first.

You can use Kartra just to measure the sales of your products, or even host your product’s page directly on Kartra itself (with the associated domain limitations).

If you have set up the product in this software you can also tag cart abandonment which speeds up remarketing efforts. You can offer another product to them as well as remind them complete their checkout for example.

You can also serve digital products.

Whether it’s a download link or a member area Kartra can be used to promote your digital products.

They can even host your videos if you need them to.

This is particularly beneficial for membership websites, as they are more difficult to establish traditionally.

On the other hand, the advantages of Kartra products are just right for people who are just beginning their journey.

If you are a good host and are familiar with WordPress You are able to host the download URL very easy on your own platform.

There’s no gain from spending the extra $99 each month.


Sales Funnel Integrations

Kartra and third-party programs don’t work very well , since the program is advertised as an all-in-one solution.

Whatever the fact that integrations do exist are smart.

It is possible to integrate with major brands like PayPal or Zapier.

If you’re not acquainted with Zapier, check their collab documentation.

It’s easy to set up and you can access documents directly from the integrations hub.

For example, you can create a form for scheduling on your site that will automatically populate with your Google Calendar.

Furthermore, you receive plenty of support for any API you’d like to make use of.

On the other hand, there’s not a huge number of third-party vendors that are supported which can cause a lot of problems for your business.

Nothing comparable to most of their rivals at a minimum.

There is a down side, but in theory, you don’t really need more than what’s displayed.

Tools like the Mailchimp or form builders are common, but Kartra has an internal equivalent for these tools.

Moreover, if you put it in the context of other software that automates marketing, like the Hubspot CRM software, then it is a better choice in terms of integrations.

You’ve created your personal automated marketing, email marketing and lead management software So there’s no need to integrate with CRMs or software for marketing emails.

You don’t have a payment processing system and could not be able to access certain trigger-action workflows, so you can use Paypal,, and Zapier to deal with it.

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Kartra Analytics Review

Kartra analytics aren’t always bad It’s just that it doesn’t help all that significantly.

Yes it can help you monitor the number of sales you make for an online company.

You can calculate your earnings as well as the value of your subscriber, and everything is explained clearly (for the majority of).

The issue is that you aren’t able to complete a lot with the data.

For instance, even as I played around with the tool, I could not discover a way to analyse the place people exited through a funnel.

There’s no way to segment.

The system is confusing.

For instance For instance, under “My Communications” the tab for sequences is under analytics as well as under communications.

Yeah, you could get over that.

The most confusing thing is that there’s no central area to collect data.

There are “analytics” scattered across several tabs. This could make it harder to get the information you require.

Alternatives? Google Analytics can help.

As long as it’s Kartra pages, you’ll be able to add the tag to the code source.

Other than that, you’re stuck in their system


Kartra Templates Review



They are impressive.

If we’re talking about page sections, entire pages, or the done-for-you campaign You can download a variety of templates for free.

Or you can just make your own.

You can make layouts for:

  • Video Sales pages
  • Thank You pages
  • Long Sale pages
  • 404
  • Legal Documents
  • Videos of content

Once again you can see how much effort they put into helping you with your online business.

However it’s not that there’s a lot of visual variety within their templates.

Beyond changing the colors, you need to put some thought into aligning the pages with your branding.


Kartra Automations

Open up sequences. Set it up (the beginning tutorial is comprehensive).

The funnel is now in place or automated rule, or an SMS trigger.

Every action has a trigger, and an action that follows, and everything is easily explained.

It’s also easy to set-up pop-ups and thank-you pages and form responses.

However, Kartra’s best when it comes to automating communications.

If you’re looking to fill Excels with customer-specific data, diminish churn or sell an alternative offer, you’ll still use other tools.

Yes you can connect to Zapier.

There is a hub for it.

However, it is still a feeling that the automation hub could be improved better with more triggers and actions.


Kartra Interface And Ease Of Use

The biggest benefit of Kartra is its ease of use.

You can really tell that the developers were trying to assist people who don’t have the skills to be tech-savvy.

Even if you’re talking about experienced webmasters but it’s still a good idea to be able to do it yourself because it saves time.

The bulk of accessibility comes from the walkthroughs that are first conducted.

You get a quick video tutorial which walks you through all the things you can accomplish with the tool, as well as some layout details.

As soon as you’re ready to dive deeper and deep, you’ll be able to go through their initial steps checklist.

This covers each Kartra feature and helps to reduce the learning curve.

It provides step-by-step guides into every feature.

Furthermore, once you begin using anything (lists, sequences and helpdesks) it’s a process that is easy to understand and comes with many done-for-you-campaigns.

It is also possible to use Kartraverse, which is their own version of Kartraverse that has its own “Academy” with a ton of videos.

Beyond the flashy names, the Kartranaut training is built to aid you in understanding the software.

It goes much more in-depth each feature, and it’s a welcome support for mastering the software.

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Kartra Backend Ease Of Use

On the other side, there could be some improvement.

In other words, you cannot access the whole source code of the webpage you’re building which is a shame for an advanced business platform.

It’s the CSS in certain situations as well as limited access to JS and HTML.

To be fair You can add a code block, but it’s not exactly the same.

If you want to get into the specifics, you can’t do complex shipping integrations such as uploading XML files.

It’s not all bad.

You can count on plenty of help when it comes to support.

My Helpdesks is a feature in Kartra that lets you manage customer complaints and tickets.

It’s simple to set it up, and you’ll be alerted of any issue when you start to look at the dashboard.


Kartra Front End Customer Ease Of Use

The final product that your customer gets the chance to engage with you is one of the best features of Kartra.

It’s also simple to set up.

If you’re to create a campaign from the get-go it’s similar to the Google Ads workflow.

Simply upload the media, make use of the pre-designed templates and choose the people to target.

And this comes on top of how simple it is to build pages.


Kartra Review Conclusion Thrivethemes Vs Kartra

What Kartra offers is a great addition to an online business which already earns a little of cash and is looking for an all-in-one marketing solution.

Also, it’s great for those who want to get online, have an income and don’t need to deal with the digital marketing aspect that much.

This is why advertisers with huge viewers like Frank Kern are pushing it in such a way.

Regardless of your position It’s great that you don’t have a staff of copywriters, marketers, and even designers available to assist you with your online business.

It helps you work more efficiently in many ways.

Overall Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • A large portion of premade resources
  • All-in-one marketing solution
  • No headaches videos hosting

Overall Cons

  • A little bit of customization in some areas
  • Most things can be accomplished with cheaper/free software

Kartra can be a godsend for certain online businesses however it’s not recommended when you have the capacity to do lead management, create funnels or build web pages in-house. Thrivethemes Vs Kartra

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